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Current Issue: Volume 35, Issue 1, January 2024 

Recurrence Risk in Thyroid Cancer Patients after Thyroidectomy

Pages 1-10

Shaza Fadel Alkilany; Eman Mohamed Mahfouz; Eman Sameh Mohammed; Eman Ramadan Ghazawy; Yasser Mohammed Abdelgwad; Nsreen Ragab Ali Mohamadien; Medhat Mounir Soliman; Marwa Gamal Abdelrehim

Epidemiology of urinary stones in children Attending Minia University Hospital for Urology

Pages 16-23

Aya Mohamed Omar; Nashwa Nabil Kamal; Ayman Soliman Abdelmgeed; Marwa Gamal Abdelrehim

Non-communicable diseases and their associated risk factors among staff members of Minia University

Pages 24-31

Hadeer Ahmed Ali; Nashwa Nabil Kamal; Osama Mohamed Elminshawy; Omnyh Kamal Abd el latief

Infectious diseases among waste handlers and its relation to their work ability, Minia city, Egypt

Pages 32-43

Maggi Mofeed Ayad; Refaat Raouf Sadek; Gehad Ahmed Abo El-Ata; Eman Ramadan Ghazawy; Omnia Kamal Abd El-Latief

A preliminary study of serum Procollagen III N-terminal peptide (PIIINP) in Acne scar patients.

Pages 49-54

Omar Ahmed Abdallah; Amal Talaat Abdel Rahman; Shimaa Shehata Ahmed; Mahmoud Hamdy Ahmed